Outreach / Extension Services

Are you unable to leave your home
due to an illness or medical condition (short term or
long term)? Have no other options to receive library

If you reside within the Town of Renfrew, including one
of Renfrew’s senior residences or long-term care
facilities, we can deliver books (including large print),
audio books and/or movies to you!

Published by Renfrew Public Library

Membership to the Renfrew Public Library is free to all residents and taxpayers in the Town of Renfrew and Horton. Non-residents may choose to pay $55.00 for an individual 12-month membership or $28.00 for a 6-month indivudal membership. Family memberships may also be purchased for $70.00 for 12-months or $36.00 for 6 months. Residents of McNab/Braeside and Admaston/Bromley : Your municipalities may reimburse all or part of your membership cost. Please contact your municipality for information.

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