Creative Aging Series

From April 2022 – 2023, RPL ran a series of programs for those 55+, thanks to a grant!

Seniors of Renfrew: Their Stories

Seniors of Renfrew is part of the Renfrew Public Library’s Creative Aging series. The aim of this project is to build a collection of stories and portraits from the community to celebrate and honour all of the diverse journeys that brought people to this area.

We invite anyone in the community, aged 55 and over to come in for an interview so we can learn about the unique stories and experiences that bring people and/or their families to Renfrew. At the same time, we ask for a photograph.

If you or someone you know would like to participate, please reach out. We would love to include your stories as well! We will happily add it to the collection. Please find the interview template below and drop it off at the library or send it to us at

On-going Programs

Seniors of Renfrew

Listen to audio interviews with local Renfrew seniors as part of our ongoing project.

Preserve Your Family Photos

Prolong your pictures for the future! Scan and transfer your hard copy photos to a USB or laptop or bring in your phone and we can print up to 10 digital photos into hard copies. This is a continual service offered at the Renfrew Public Library, one hour appointment per person email to book an appointment.