Meeting Room Bookings

Renfrew Public Library offers its meeting rooms for bookings by small groups and community organizations.

Booking a Meeting Room at RPL

  • In order to allow everyone access to our study room, there is a maximum of one booking per day.
  • Non-profit organizations and individuals may use the rooms free of charge.
  • Rentals can only be accepted during library open hours, and renters are requested to end their programs at least 15 minutes before the library closes so as to complete cleanup by closing time.
  • Rental fees (for-profit organziations) are due prior to the booking.
  • The person signing for the room on behalf of the organization or group must either accept the terms and agreements on the Skedda site, or sign a print copy prior to booking.
  • Proof of insurance is required to book the Program Room for an event.
  • Alcoholic beverages are not permitted, nor is smoking or vaping.
A picture of one of the small meeting rooms available at Renfrew Public Library.

Book one of our rooms

Our meeting rooms are available through the online booking program, Skedda.

To book a meeting room, please contact the library or use our online booking tool (below on the page; or use the button link above). You must read the Meeting Room Policy prior to booking.

Program Room

Located on the lower level, this is the largest and most private space available at the library. Can hold up to 40 people, depending on amount of furniture needed.

Study Room

Located on the main level, this is our smallest room and is appropriate for quiet study or tutoring. It has a door that closes.

Request a room booking

Click on the round green + icon at the bottom right of the calendar to start a booking request.